Sibem Natural Cosmetics” (DOGACI brand), having production center located in Malatya, is one of the leading manufacturers of natural products in Turkey. Founded in 1995, “Sibem” has always been working to provide the highest quality and healthiest products for its consumers and has adopted this as a mission. In line with the goal of meeting the needs and expectations of the customers and reaching the best continuously, DOGACI works with the principle of realizing the quality in every field and transforming quality into a lifestyle.
Our company, embracing the idea of evaluating the regional products and to make new products in this context, has done research by taking the apricot. “Sibem”, which has continued its services for about 7 years by producing pure laurel and olive oil soap products, has gained customer satisfaction in a short time and started R&D activities for the production of different products with natural content, and finally came to great level in the soap industry with brand and quality. Our company has sought to transform the world-famous apricots of our region, Malatya, into personal cosmetic care products and firstly produced apricot kernel oil. Since the main ingredient of soap is oil, we has started to produce apricot soap first by using apricot oil in about 4 months of work. Customer satisfaction has led our company to produce different type of products.
Our goal is to produce alternative products from our local apricots, which will satisfy our customers, and increase the promotion and value added of our apricots in natural skin care products.
The most valuable reward we receive in return for producing superior quality products is the trust and loyalty of our consumers to our brands.
The trust and loyalty of our consumers requires the production of the best products and the profit obtained must be turned into investment. Our aim is to produce the highest quality products with the latest technology at affordable prices and present them to the consumer.